An eye-catching pool surround is a crucial component to establishing a pleasant ambiance, making the pool area a personal statement of your style, and transforming your pool into a creative expression. But apart from the aesthetic appeal, it’s also beyond imperative to consider the quality of the structure in order to assure an enjoyable and safe summer experience. And here’s where we talk about honed concrete pool surrounds.

Throwing in some chilled beer and grilled barbeques isn’t enough to beat the summer heat. With summer peeping right at the corner waiting for the sun to strike at its fullest glory, we deserve some outdoor fun on a poolside afternoon. Indeed, there is nothing more refreshing than plunging into a swimming pool to soak up the sun and spend pampering time with family and friends throughout the summer holidays. But so much for the love of pools, it’s noteworthy as well that the surrounding space should be designed to promote relaxation and restoration.

Honed Concrete is a sophisticated and attractive concrete treatment that is ideal for use in internal living quarters such as kitchens and baths. But not only is it suitable for interior spaces, honed concrete can also be used outside the home in areas such as pool surrounds, driveways, and alfresco, among other things. The word “honed concrete” refers to a level of polishing that results in a matte finish that is consistent and smooth.

Honed Concrete is a fascinating flooring solution for concrete in outdoor areas, and it is easy to configure. It creates a striking statement of style in alfresco outside settings, and it is as great in an outdoor entertainment space or around a pool—and, best of all, it is economical and will require little care for decades to come. Additionally, non-slip treatments can be added to make this a luxurious and safe option for use around your pool area. For commercial establishments, honed concrete is a popular choice because of its diverse appearance and ease of upkeep.

With the plethora of choices, it’s really quite daunting to choose the most appropriate material to incorporate in your pool surrounds. If you’re still not convinced enough, here are a list of benefits of honed concrete pool surrounds that may intrigue you into having one installed.

  • Administered Safety

It should come as no surprise that safety ranks first on our list of advantages for honed concrete.  The area all over your swimming pool is absolutely vital in terms of family safety because it is one of the most exposed and vulnerable space. The combination of children running around on a wet surface is enough to make any parent anxious, so let us to provide you with the sense of security that comes with non-slip pool surrounds. Honed concrete provides a level of grip and traction that is merely present in other concrete pool finish options. Honed concrete pool surrounds are predominantly utilised by a lot of local authorities in public pools and kids’ areas.

  • Steered Away Bullnose Pavers

One of the inherent advantages of concrete pool surrounds is that they can be made to extend all the way up to the edge of the pool, eliminating necessity bullnose pavers. Because of this, implementing a concrete pool surround is less difficult than traditional solutions, and the completed product is unquestionably more appealing.

  • Easy Maintenance

Concrete is a long-lasting material in every sense of the word. It can handle the extreme temperatures that we encounter here in Australia, as well as the wear and tear that comes with all types of family situations and settings. The normal concrete pool surround requires simply routine cleaning and application of a fresh coat of sealant every 2 or 3 years in order to survive for decades.

Furthermore, unlike other surfaces such as decking, which need regular polishing, and the gaps between tiles, and frequently require cleaning, honed concrete pool surrounds will not cause homeowners any inconvenience. Because exposed honed concrete has very few holes, its texture does not allow much dirt to collect inside it, thus it only takes an occasional hose down or pressure wash to stay clean. After all, having minimal care is a gain and we don’t like the hassle of constant upkeep.

  • Easy to Customise

All of your outdoor spaces, whether they are a cookout pit or a pool surround, should be an expression of your artistry and individuality. After all, they are extensions of your house. Honed concrete pool surrounds are easily customized with the aggregates, colors, and stencils of your choice after they have been designed.

  • Effortless Tidy

Traditionally constructed pool surrounds include gaps that gradually expand into fissures, gather debris, and may even create a home for insects and weeds to colonize. Because honed concrete pool surrounds are smooth, they are significantly easier to clean than other types of pool surrounds.

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