Investing in concrete pool surrounds or any simple project is daunting, especially if it is your first time.  In this day and age, the world seem to evolve at a faster rate than it has ever been. As an example, think about or consider just one of the global megatrends that are shaking up the construction industry: the global urban population is growing by 200,000 people per day, and all of these people require affordable housing, public transit and utility infrastructure to live comfortably in their cities. When confronted with such obstacles, the sector is almost under a moral imperative to modify its operations. Its evolution will have transformative effects in other areas as well: on society as a whole, by lowering construction costs; on the environment, by improving the use of scant materials or by building structures more eco-efficient over time; and on the economy, by closing the global infrastructure gap and stimulating economic development in general, among other things. These are just few of the manifestations of future industry trends that we hope to see among our present infrastructures. But this growth could take on a small-scale — something as minimal as concrete pool surrounds. With the growth of the ornamental concrete industry, the demand for coping and edge forms has continued to grow. Some producers are attempting to meet the special needs of decorative concrete craftsmen in this niche market by developing products specifically for them. They are introducing new materials and technology into the form production process in order to directly satisfy the needs of decorative concrete applicators. Thus, in this article, let’s take a peek into how concrete pool surrounds will look like in 5 years.

1. Infinity-Edge Pools

Who doesn’t enjoy swimming in an infinity pool? Unique in design, this pool stands out from the competition. Infinity edge pools, which are simple and minimalistic in design, look magnificent and are frequently used in resorts, spas, and major hotels. Infinity pools are becoming extremely prevalent among homeowners who have a vast backyard garden and want to create a one-of-a-kind oasis within their property grounds. The fact should be highlighted, however, that swimming pools require a suitable site in order to function properly. In this case, concrete pool surrounds are more emphasized on only a part of the pool, providing flow allocation on the other.

2. Incorporation of Baja Shelves

For relaxing in the shallow part of the pool without having to totally immerse yourself in the water, baja shelves are the ideal pool accessory incorporated among the concrete pool surrounds. The majority of the time, they’re essentially a super-sized rendition of a podium, where you can plunge in and out or lounge on loungers.

3. Pool Hardscapes

While some pool owners love the smooth, clean lines of a minimalist design for their concrete pool surrounds, others desire their pool to appear to be a work of art created by nature itself. In altering the area surrounding the pool with rocks and plants, and developing an irregular pool shape, they will be interested in creating the appearance of a naturally formed pool within the landscape. Swimming pool owners can create a one-of-kind shape for their pools that fits into their environment and gives them a distinct appearance because of the breakthroughs in materials and construction processes.

4. Raised Concrete Pool Surrounds

Build a pool into the terraced area of your sloped landscape, and utilise the coping stones to serve as seating. The use of composite decking (wood blended with polymers and other materials) for raised concrete pool surrounds is highly recommended because it is non-slip and requires little care, as opposed to traditional wood decking. A pool specialist will be on board to ensure that the pool is properly integrated into your overall design. This results in wide stairs that are at an angle to the pool, making it easier to approach the pool while also creating an eye-catching aesthetic feature.

5. Installation of LED Lights on Concrete Pool Surrounds

On a cool fall evening, as the evenings become darker, you may now don’t have to swim in utter darkness. LED lighting can now be installed in a variety of styles, and the variety of options available on the market, ensuring that there is something to fit every taste and budget. Because of its high energy efficiency, LED lighting, also known as light-emitting diodes, is more expensive upfront than halogen or incandescent lighting. However, you will save money in the long run if you use LED lighting. LED lights, in particular, have become one of the most popular pool accessories in recent years.

In addition, LED lighting has a longer lifespan and low maintenance cost than incandescent lighting, which more than compensates for the higher price. Aside from that, LEDs are more adaptable, smaller, and more versatile than their predecessors, and may be controlled remotely with the use of a control panel. As more focus has been placed on energy saving, LED technology has emerged as a standard feature, displacing old-fashioned incandescent bulbs as a result of the shift in emphasis.

6. Incorporating Elements of Fire and Water

They have returned! Water and fire are both visually appealing components that have been used in space design for hundreds of years. They are currently being used into pool design in order to create a mind-blowing impact. A simple fire wok or a fire bowl incorporated on your pool surrounds will enhance the beauty of your pool, resulting in a backyard that you will like spending time in every evening. You can come up with more ideas and discuss them with your pool designer in order to finally build a luxurious spa-like backyard.

Thrilled with the future innovations of concrete pool surrounds? Why not have make it a reality today? Being concreting specialists, we have done this so many times, we can basically do it with our eyes closed. We not only work professionally but our work also speaks for itself. We make sure that all the materials that we used are of high quality, making sure that your pool stands out from the rest. This is important because it is not something you want to risk. After all, your pool is a valuable asset and risking shoddy work from inferior concreters would be a real shame.

Since every job is different, we cannot give you a quote here on our website, but if you are serious about making your pool area look like a million bucks, then get in touch and request a free, no obligation quote. May your preference be on exposed aggregate pool surrounds, honed concrete pool surrounds, or either polished concrete pool deck, we have it all for you!