: If you’re looking to add a modern & stylish look to your home or workplace, then you’re at the right place. Polished concrete utilises several different technologies to produce amazing finishes on concrete surfaces that in the past were not available. When done correctly, you’ll find that you’ve got a surface that not only looks fantastic and raises the value of whatever it sits on, but also has some remarkable wearing properties.

Properly installed and treated, your polished concrete will remain resistant to everyday wear and tear, as well as any kind of liquid you could think of spilling on it. Grease, oil, water, polished concrete will take some punishment without showing any signs of damage. It’s also a much faster process than dealing with epoxy surfaces and it will last longer as well. Done right you might even find that the polished concrete outlasts the building it sits in!

That is, of course, that the people who install the concrete know what they’re doing. It’s not rocket science but the process does take time and is very labour intensive, so you want to make sure that the people you deal with are top notch.

When we install polished concrete we always go through the same rigorous system to ensure the highest quality possible. We start out by grinding back the surface several times using different grits so that the base is smooth. Then over the course of a few days we apply several layers of hardener and finish up by polishing the surface several times, each time using a finer and finer grit. It’s this laborious process that allows us to work with confidence, knowing that the end product is going to be just as you’d want it.

So if you’re after some polished concrete done right, give us a call and we’ll give you a quote right away.