A swimming pool is a wonderful addition to a home. It’s great for relaxing, entertaining and it will even raise the value of your house. And you can’t have a nice pool without a decent surround and the best way to surround your pool area is with concrete. It might sound unusual, since concrete is normally thought of as quite drab and boring, but when done right, concrete can actually look quite stunning. Of course, what we’re talking about here isn’t your average concrete; it’s not the type of stuff you would make yourself after a trip to Bunnings. What we’re talking about is modern exposed aggregate, polished or honed concrete. Whether you have a concrete or fibreglass pool, you can end up with a pool area that looks like something you’d see in a magazine and it doesn’t have to cost the Earth. Nor does it matter what shape your pool is; whether you have a round, oval, kidney or something completely unique, we can customise something to suit.

Being concreting specialists we’ve done this so many times we can basically do it with our eyes closed. This is important because it’s not something you want to risk. After all your pool is a valuable asset and risking shoddy work from inferior concreters would be a real shame. Since every job is different we can’t give you a quote here on our website, but if you’re serious about making your pool area look like a million bucks then get in touch and request a free, no obligation quote.