Retaining walls are a great way to make your gardens look fantastic. When done right they can add a certain “wow factor” to your garden. The way they really stand out can be stunning, but building a retaining wall isn’t as simple as putting some blocks together and calling it a day. If your builders don’t really know what they’re doing, then you’re wasting time since you’ll need to rebuild it, you’re wasting money because building a retaining wall in Sydney certainly isn’t cheap, it looks terrible while the wall is down (your neighbours will know that you went for the cheap option) and if the wall is in an area that is commonly used, then you can even risk the health and wellbeing of your family.

In truth, building a retaining wall is a job for a specialist contractor. Sure, you can install them yourself, but as outlined above, the risks generally outweigh the benefits unless you’re in the trades and have the skills yourself. We’re specialist concrete tradesmen, so this is our bread and butter, it’s what we do every day. Whether you’re after something made out of besser blocks, or solid concrete, we can help you out. Because every wall we build is different, we can’t offer you a quote online here, but what we can do is jump on the phone with you and give you a more accurate quote once we have some basic details. So if you’re after a retaining wall and you’re in Sydney, give us a call today for a no obligation quote.