If you’re after a concrete slab somewhere in Sydney then give us a call now for a free, no obligation quote. We’re experienced concrete contractors and whether you’re after something for a shed project or whether you’re building an entire home, we can help you out.

There’s a reason concrete is used for the foundations of buildings, whether we’re talking backyard sheds or skyscrapers; it’s a strong, durable material that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Of course, this is only true when it’s poured by reputable, skilled tradesmen. When done incorrectly, you can end up with air bubbles in your concrete. This can result in weaker material that can crack under pressure and when your slab is literally the foundation of your building, then this is the last thing that you want. So when you hire someone to pour your slab, make sure that they’re professionals. The right concreter knows how to pour a slab that will outlast the building that sits on it. We’ve got years of experience pouring concrete slabs the right way, so you can trust us to get it right the first time. If you’ve got the plans drawn up, we can handle it from there. We can provide you with all the necessary design and permits to complete the construction of your foundation.

Concrete Slabs for Pergolas & Patio

This is true whether you’re talking about slabs to make up the foundation of your house or something else such as a pergola or your very own patio. Building a pergola or patio out the back of your house is a great move. It can be a great place to entertain or quietly sit and read a book, but if you’re going to go to the effort of building a pergola or patio, then you should make sure that the foundation it sits on is solid.

Concrete Extensions

Slab extensions are also becoming quite popular in recent years. As property prices in Sydney increase year by year, it makes more and more sense to add an extension to your existing property. Whether it’s adding a small room or a full blown extension, we can help with pouring and setting your slab.

Concrete Carport & Garage Floors

Another popular use for concrete slabs are carport and garage floors. There are other options such as epoxy flooring, but we find that concrete floors work best. They can be done for a low cost and the quality is high. You can also choose from a range of non-slip finishes and colours so you can rest assured that your floor will be safe and attractive.

We’re confident that we can also give you one of the most competitive costs per metre, so give us a call today and request an obligation free quote.