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 Adding concrete footpaths to your home is always a great move. They make it easier to get around your home, they can look fantastic and if they’re done right they should last for a long time. And even though it might seem straightforward, there are some things that can go wrong. If the people doing your footpath aren’t professionals you might end up with a footpath that isn’t flush with the surrounds. You’ve probably seen wonky paths sticking out of the ground at the wrong angle before. Not to mention that if mistakes are made in the laying of the path then you can end up with cracks that ruin the aesthetics and leave you feeling ripped off.

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That’s why it’s of vital importance that you choose the right concreter for the job. The right concreter knows how to lay a path correctly that won’t leave you with headaches down the road. The first step is to level the ground beneath the path and ensure that it’s prepared correctly. Moisture in the base is one cause of cracking, so it’s important that the base is properly prepared before the concrete is poured.  This process can be labour intensive which is why some operators don’t do it as properly as they should. The final step is to use control joints to prevent cracking. If done correctly you can be confident that your path will last a long, long time.

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Costs + Prices

At Concreter.Sydney, we make sure to offer professional and quality services with the right costs and prices. We have the best equipment for the job. We also have a highly skilled team that is there to make sure that you achieve your vision into reality.

How much do concrete footpaths typically cost? Each job is different so it’s hard to give you an accurate quote here, but if you want a proper quote, fill out the form and we’ll get you an obligation free quote in no time at all.

Back in the day, footpaths were created mainly for functionality and used by the public for going to work, market or traveling from village to village. Over the years, however, footpaths have evolved and have become increasingly popular not only for practical purposes, but also as part of outdoor aesthetics.

The most common material for these paths are concrete. Concrete footpaths are very hard and durable that they could last for centuries. This is because concrete walkway contractors have learned to build them to last without a lot of maintenance.

Connect different areas of your outdoor space with concrete footpaths or create a patio or a pergola to make your area more conducive for the family to use and enjoy. 

Choosing a reliable concreter would be the best way to start the project. At Concreter Sydney, we will take care of everything – from choosing the perfect concrete slabs for pergola or patio to installing them to last for centuries.

As concrete sidewalk contractors, we also offer a variety of additions to your paths to make your vicinity not only functional, but also more beautiful. You can play with a multitude of designs to suit your taste.

For all your outdoor concreting needs, whether that be a garden or just a simple pathway to connect your spaces, we have everything covered. Send us a message today!

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