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Saw cutting is not something you want to leave to beginners, so give us a call and we will do it for you.


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Saw cutting isn’t something you want to leave for beginners. When you’re cutting concrete it’s hard to fix any major missteps; once that concrete is cut, it’s cut! It’s not as if you can change the shape and give it another go, it’s something you have to get right the first time or not at all. That’s why when you’re looking to hire a saw cutting contractor in Sydney you need to make sure you hire one that knows what he’s doing. It’s a case where the cheapest contractor often ends up being more expensive. This is just as true of small residential jobs as it is of large commercial jobs because usually, the smaller jobs are on a much tighter budget.


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We’re a team of locals who have been saw cutting for years and we do this type of work virtually every day, so you can be sure that we’ll get the job done right first time, every time. It would be great if we could give you an accurate quote for your job over this website, but unfortunately things are not so easy since every job differs in scope and difficulty. What we can offer you though is the chance to tell us about your project, tell us about what you really need and then we can get back to you with a more accurate quote. So get on the blower and give us a call today.


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Concrete cutting service is the process of cutting and shaping concrete blocks or slabs into different sizes and forms to fit specifications for a variety of infrastructure needs.

Cutting through concrete can be very difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. The potential problem could easily be solved by choosing the right saw cutting contractor.

Being an experienced saw cutting contractor in Sydney, Concreter Sydney will provide concrete cutting solutions depending on your unique needs. Our professionals will work with you hand in hand to determine the best cutting solution for your project.

The following are the common methods of cutting concrete that’s widely used by concrete cutters in Sydney.

Floor or Road Sawing. Probably the most common diamond concrete cutting service there is in the industry. It’s a method that’s fast, accurate, and precise in cutting horizontal surfaces such as road pavements, large slabs of concrete, bridge decks, floors, and more. They are typically used to provide expansion joints, remove concrete sections for demolition and remove damaged pavement sections for repair.

Core Drilling. Involves drilling into concrete to remove a cylinder of material we call ‘core’. Core holes come in a variety of diameter sizes and lengths. Few of its applications include drainage, sampling, and analysis of the material, cabling, plumbing, electrical, carpentry, and more.

Concrete wall sawing. Here, the concrete saw cutting contractor uses a track-mounted system with a diamond blade, this concrete cutting method is an efficient and effective way to make horizontal and vertical cuts on concrete walls. The diamond blades make it easy to cut through heavily reinforced concrete walls.
Applications include, but not limited to HVAC installations, creating window openings, doorways, elevators, and staircases for emergency exits.

Hand Sawing/Demolition. This method that uses the demolition saw is a great way to cut areas that are impossible for other machine cutters to reach. Concrete cutters in Sydney have excellent and skilled professionals who can handle this type of potentially dangerous machine. Demolition saws are great for small expansion projects like driveways and garage, narrow paths, and confined spaces or areas where a road saw can’t access.

These are just 4 of the many different methods of concrete saw cutting Sydney could offer. We are a concrete saw cutting contractor that can tackle your projects’ cutting demands.

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