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Concrete Pool Surrounds in Sydney

Being concreting specialists, we have done this so many times, we can basically do it with our eyes closed.


Relaxing and  Entertaining

A swimming pool is a wonderful addition to a home. It’s great for relaxing, entertaining and it will even raise the value of your house. And you can’t have a nice pool without a decent surround and the best way to surround your pool area is with concrete. It might sound unusual, since concrete is normally thought of as quite drab and boring, but when done right, concrete can actually look quite stunning. Of course, what we’re talking about here isn’t your average concrete; it’s not the type of stuff you would make yourself after a trip to Bunnings. What we’re talking about is modern exposed aggregate, polished or honed concrete. Whether you have a concrete or fibreglass pool, you can end up with a pool area that looks like something you’d see in a magazine and it doesn’t have to cost the Earth. Nor does it matter what shape your pool is; whether you have a round, oval, kidney or something completely unique, we can customise something to suit.


We Value Our Work

Being concreting specialists, we have done this so many times, we can basically do it with our eyes closed. We not only work professionally but our work also speaks for itself. We make sure that all the materials that we used are of high quality, making sure that your pool stands out from the rest. This is important because it is not something you want to risk. After all, your pool is a valuable asset and risking shoddy work from inferior concreters would be a real shame.

Since every job is different, we cannot give you a quote here on our website, but if you are serious about making your pool area look like a million bucks, then get in touch and request a free, no obligation quote.


Concrete Pool Surrounds Experts

With Sydney’s climate, some days could be a real scorcher, and a pool out in the backyard could save the day.

Swimming pools are great additions to every home. It adds to the overall aesthetics and to its value. Your pool area will also be a great place for the entire family to chill out during hot weather, barbecue with friends or family, or parties at the comfort of your own home.

Pools will be the main thing in your backyard and depending on how you designed it or what you surround it with will be the game-changer in its overall appearance.

Concrete Pool Surrounds Finish Options

In today’s ever-growing construction industry, there are many ways for you to decorate your pool, not just the size and shape but also its surroundings. Contractors and homeowners use a variety of materials to surround pools with but the most widely used material is concrete.

Concrete pool surrounds are widely used because it’s more fluid than others. Whether you are looking for a modern, contemporary, minimalist, industrial, traditional, or rustic style, everything could be made possible with concrete in the hands of a skillful concreter.

Customised concrete pool surrounds gives homeowners the freedom to design and choose the style that will suit their properties.

Here are two simple surround finishes to make your pool splashy and simply stunning.

First is polished concrete pool surrounds. This is a great finish if you want your pool area shining under the heat of the Australian sun. It is simple yet offers a great deal of elegance and beauty. Together with the tranquil waters of your pool, having polished concrete pool surrounds will surely give you the peace and relaxation you deserve as you lay under that afternoon sun.

Second is the stamped concrete pool surrounds. For more creativity and originality you may opt to have a stamped concrete pool surround which will give your pool the uniqueness and artistic touch you’re looking for. Mixing your concrete with different elements, colors, and shapes will give your property an edge. Stamped concrete pool surrounds is a great way to showcase individuality and style.

Every project of its kind is not without concerns and challenges so make sure you talk and discuss with the best and well experienced concrete contractor there is in Sydney. With the help of our concreting experts and professionals, we are building concrete pool surrounds Sydney standards.

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