A few years before the coronavirus pandemic came to the global scene, the Australian construction industry was at its peak as the government invested in multi-million infrastructure and concrete company projects from Sydney, Melbourne, and the east and west coast.

Though construction firms, concrete company and concrete contractors are mostly struggling because of the project’s lockdowns and settlement, experts are hopeful that the current situation is just momentary. As global health experts continue to learn more about COVID-19, quarantine restrictions are slowly being relaxed to give a chance for the economy to reboot itself.

In most Australian states and territories, public health policies have generally relaxed as communities slowly move out from months of lockdown.

In early May, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said states have started “gradual opening up of society” as part of the government’s roadmap to COVIDSafe Australia.

Brendan Murphy, Australia’s chief medical officer, headed laying out the three-step plan to reopen the country amidst the COVID-19 crisis.


 Three-Step for a COVIDSafe Australia

Step one has allowed Aussies to connect with more friends and family, reopening businesses, schools, and even some sporting facilities.

For private gatherings and weddings, only ten people are allowed; only five for house visits; 20 mourners for indoors, and 30 for outdoor funerals; religious gathers are only up to 10 attendees.

Step two is like step one but with double the number of people, while step three would depend on each state’s pandemic situation or territory.

The Australian Construction Industry Forum (ACIF) has noted that Australian people and the economy have been disrupted and will continue to be so for some time. Though a downbeat projection, Aussies have undoubtedly shown resilience and hope of an inevitable new normal.

Those in the construction and concrete company industry have been called to ensure adherence to safety procedures as the world continues to battle COVID-19. A statement released by a united group consisting of seven organizations in the construction industry strongly urged employers and employees to follow appropriate measures and guidelines developed by employer groups and unions in line with the government.

“The united group has and will continue to follow guidelines from both the national cabinet and Victorian state government, which confirms that stage-two restrictions do not apply to construction sites and electrical and plumbing services – as these are considered essential activities,” the alliance said in a statement in March.


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