We have traversed far beyond the days where you could simply mix and match wall-to-wall carpeting, ceramic tile flooring, or hardwood flooring for your home or office interior. With the revolution of polished concrete in the flooring industry, it is becoming the suitable trend and feasible option for many homeowners and business establishments because of its smooth texture, modern touch, and long-lasting endurance. Polished concrete is concrete that has been treated with a special concrete densifier that fills the pores of the concrete, resulting in a sleek appearance. Grinding tools are then used to achieve the desired sheen and light-reflective effect on the surface of the metal. If a consumer prefers a more exposed aggregate or a glossier polish, this is entirely up to him or her to decide. Similar to sanding wood, heavy-duty equipment is used to gradually grind down a concrete surface to the required degree of gloss and smoothness, similar to how a wood surface is polished.

As a homeowner or perhaps a budding business enterprise, you probably have had this question going through your mind — why use polished concrete for your flooring?

To give you a rundown of the multitude of reasons why you should have one installed, here are some basics to equip you;

Common Spaces Applied with Polished Concrete

  • Homes
  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Auto Showrooms
  • Warehouses
  • Hospitals
  • Office Buildings

Design Option

Polished concrete’s smooth, reflecting surface encourages a dazzling multitude of design options, including coloring, scoring, and the creation of radial lines, grids, bands, borders, and other decorative elements. Stains and dyes are the most commonly used methods of improving polished concrete that has previously been installed.

Because polishing is a multistep procedure, you have the option of selecting the amount of sheen you want — from satin to high-gloss — that matches your maintenance and aesthetic expectations. Because of its adaptability, polished concrete is an excellent flooring material for a wide range of uses.


Why You Should Use Polished Concrete for your Flooring

Withstands Wear and Tear

Concrete floors are remarkably sturdy. In fact, they are engineered to resist the effects of heat and moisture. Polished concrete flooring is resistant to the impact of heavy foot traffic, as well as the weight of heavy equipment in a warehouse environment. Polished concrete floors are nearly impossible to chip, scrape, or otherwise damage due to their high gloss finish. Polished concrete floors that have been sealed are also resistant to substances such as alkalis and acids that could otherwise cause corrosion. In general, they are able to withstand anything that is thrown at them, and still maintain their optimal function and aesthetic appeal. By ensuring that your concrete floors are professionally sealed and fitted by a professional, you can prolong its range even further. In addition, you will need to get them resealed on a regular basis as part of their routine maintenance.

Green Sustainable Option

Polished concrete is an environmentally-sustainable option. This is due to the fact that concrete requires less energy to manufacture and does not destroy any natural resources in the process. It is also possible to recycle concrete flooring, which reduces the amount of waste produced by other types of flooring that cannot be re-purposed. Because of its ability to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, it can also help you save money on your cooling and heating bills. Neither the installation nor the upkeep of polished concrete floors necessitates the use of dangerous chemicals. It prevents mold, mildew, and allergies from accumulating on the surface of the product. Aside from that, they are energy-efficient. The heat accumulated as a result of the sun’s or light’s beams can significantly reduce energy usage and lower utility costs. Not to mention the fact that polished concrete floors improve the quality of the indoor air.

Improved Reflectivity

Polished concrete floors with a high-gloss finish are extremely reflective, making them ideal for use in commercial settings. Not only do they have a sleek and luxurious appearance, but they can also be used to assist bring additional light into your room. It is possible that these flooring will reduce the quantity of artificial light you require, resulting in a reduction in your power expenditure. Increased lighting can have a big impact on the ambience of a location. The reflecting qualities of a polished concrete floor allow for the most efficient use of lighting in commercial spaces. Improved ambient lighting lowers the cost of energy bills, boosts safety, and promotes the greatest possible image of your business to visitors and employees.

Sophistication and Aesthetics

By no doubt, polished concrete floors are the most appealing flooring solutions to choose if you want to give the interior of your home a pleasing commercial appeal. The smooth, high-gloss finish of the floor will lend delicacy and class to the overall design of the building. It’s also worth mentioning that the glossy flooring, which has the appearance of polished stone, reflects the light in an aesthetically pleasing manner. In today’s world, it is one of the most popular choices for a variety of organizations like hotels, theaters, museums, and high-end mansions.

Properly installed and treated, your polished concrete surfaces will remain resistant to everyday wear and tear, as well as to any kind of liquid you could think of spilling on it. Grease, oil, water, polished cement floor will take some punishment without showing any signs of damage. It’s also a much faster process than dealing with epoxy surfaces and it will last longer as well. Done right you might even find that the polished concrete outlasts the building it sits in!

That is, of course, if the people who install the concrete know what they’re doing. It’s not rocket science but the process does take time and is very labour intensive, so you want to make sure that the people you deal with are top-notch.

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