Torn between exposed aggregate pool surrounds and honed concrete pool surrounds?

Whether you’re planning to create a swimming pool in your backyard or purchasing a home that already has one, you’re most likely to be inclined into thinking about pool surroundings. Almost all in-ground pools are surrounded by coping stones on all four sides. And, in order to get the most enjoyment out of your pool, you must maintain it. You must maintain not just the overall appearance of the vehicle, but also its durability and efficiency. It is not only a decorative element that you can hold onto when it is time to get out of the water, but it is also a stylish approach to help safeguard and preserve your swimming pool over time.

Consequently, it is critical to understand the function of pool copings as well as the options accessible to you in order to select the best pool coping for your border that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. So what is it going to be, exposed aggregate pool surrounds or honed concrete pool surrounds?

Exposed Aggregate Pool Surrounds

Exposed aggregate is a type of concrete finish that is different from the norm. It is a fantastic approach for homeowners and companies to have a polished finish without having to worry about incurring large expenses. Seeding is a common way of finishing newly poured concrete with materials (such as ornamental rocks). Another option is to scrape away the concrete surface, which exposes an exquisite aggregate that has been blended into the concrete and is hence more visually appealing.

What Is the Benefit of Using Exposed Aggregate Pool Surrounds?

There are a variety of reasons why you might prefer exposed aggregate over other types of aggregate:

  • Exposed aggregate pool surrounds are more slip-resistant than brushed concrete, thus ensuring a safe pool experience.
  • A wide range of choices is available when it comes to colors and textures.
  • Because exposed aggregate is long-lasting, it does not necessitate the completion of extensive maintenance chores.
  • It is a fantastic alternative if you want to utilize ornamental techniques on your pool surrounds, driveways, and other high-traffic areas of your property.
  • Using this concrete surface, you may create a variety of gorgeous and dramatic effects. Certainly the most cost-effective decorative option available, it is the most popular choice for many people.

Exposed Aggregate Applications

Families are the most likely to benefit from exposed aggregate. Because it is slip-resistant, you may use it as a surface for your pool deck, patio, and walkway, among other things. Because of its resistance to heavy goods, it is also an excellent alternative for people looking to improve the appearance of their driveway. In the event that you reside in a climate with extreme weather, exposed aggregate pool surrounds may be a viable option. It can withstand very high and low temperatures, as well as changes in weather conditions, which can cause problems with other types of surfaces in most cases.

The use of exposed aggregate for walkways is a great option for those who do not want to be bothered with a lot of care. Apart from the occasional cleaning and sealing, there are no other duties that need to be completed in order to maintain the surface looking durable and appealing.

This type of surface is particularly well suited for the following uses:

Driveways, walkways, and pool decks, patios, steps, walls, and pillars.

Exposed aggregate can be used in places that are prone to become slippery and wet. It is also recommended for those who are looking for a decorative approach that will provide them with the most return on their investment. This low-cost choice can last for a very long time due to its low maintenance requirements and the opportunity to customize its appearance.

Honed Concrete Pool Surrounds

What is honed concrete, and how does it work?

The concrete surface is first ground down to disclose the desired level of aggregate before the surface can be installed (the sand and stone that sits underneath the surface). Depending on the exposure, it can range from nil exposure (where no stone is visible) to full exposure (where all stones are visible on the surface). Concrete floors are ‘honed’ after they have been ground to create the necessary amount of shine. Different levels of diamond grit are used to produce the desired shine. The degree of shine is proportional to the fineness of the diamond grit employed.

While highly polished concrete has a beautiful sheen to it, it has the disadvantage of being extremely slippery when wet. While you may choose the amount of aggregate exposure for your outdoor surfaces, honed concrete cannot be highly polished and only comes in a matte finish, while polished concrete can. Honed concrete is then treated with a penetrating sealer to help preserve it from staining and to help prevent it from becoming stained. This approach requires less maintenance and lasts longer since the sealer is absorbed into the concrete rather than sitting on the surface. This method is less susceptible to damage, wear-away, or scratching from heavy foot traffic compared to the grind and seal method described further down.

What are the Benefits of Using Honed Concrete Pool Surrounds?

  • Non-slip, thus administering safety.
  • Has the natural advantage of being able to stretch all the way to the pool’s edge, avoiding the need for bullnose pavers.
  • It can withstand the harsh Australian climate, as well as the rigors of everyday family life.
  • Because exposed polished concrete has few holes, dirt doesn’t settle inside it, so cleaning it simply takes an occasional hose down or pressure wash.
  • Traditional pool surrounds have gaps that progressively enlarge into fissures, collecting waste and possibly attracting insects and weeds. Because honed concrete is smooth, it is easier to clean than other pool surrounds.

Concrete that has been honed or exposed aggregate pool surrounds and sealed are two excellent options if you want an outdoor floor that is durable, safe, and visually appealing. As always, consulting with a professional concrete installer is essential in determining which choice is most appropriate for your project. Preparation ahead of time and high-quality installation will ensure that your outdoor surfaces continue to look crisp for years. Concrete Sydney’s size as a small concrete firm allows for more attention to detail and frequent managerial monitoring. We apply high-quality building methods to push the limits of contemporary design. Contact us immediately!