Give your swimming pool a million-dollar makeover without spending a fortune in the process. Does your family and friends enjoy your outdoor entertaining but are intimidated by the outdated, old pool surround? Suppose you’re creating a new pool and want it to have a million-dollar appearance that will increase the value and charm of your home. Honed concrete pool surrounds may be exactly what you’re looking for. Honed concrete can be used to remodel your swimming pool into a picturesque backyard oasis.

Exquisite honed concrete pool surrounds enhance the beauty, functionality, and value of your house. Honing concrete creates a smooth, matt appearance by polishing the surface and revealing the aggregates beneath the surface finish. Honed concrete pool surrounds are a great alternative to traditional textures such as tiles or pavers because of its durability. But still, that’s not everything yet. To take on its wonders even more, let’s understand the pros and cons of honed concrete pool surrounds.

Perks of Honed Concrete Pool Surrounds

1. Eliminates the Need for Bullnose Pavers

Inherently, honed concrete pool surrounds have the advantage of being able to stretch all the way up to the border of the pool, reducing the need for bullnose pavers at the pool’s perimeter. This makes installing concrete pool surrounds less complicated than installing a typical pool surround, and the finished product is definitely more decent and exquisite.

2. Customisable

Each and every one of your outside places, whether it’s a barbecue area or pool surrounds, should be a reflection of your artistic vision and unique personality. After all, they are simply extensions of your home’s structure. After they have been designed, honed concrete pool surrounds can be simply modified with the stones, hues, and patterns of your choice.

3. May be Made to Resemble Expensive Materials

The great thing about concrete is that you can make it look practically anything you want it to. Want wood, but don’t want to pay the high cost of purchasing it? Stamped concrete can give you the aesthetic you want at a lower cost and without the hassle of dealing with decay, polishing, and all of the other maintenance that wood takes. Stamped concrete is the best option if you want your concrete to look like hardwood, stone, or any other type of natural material. As an alternative to natural stone and brick, stamped concrete patterns can be created to resemble natural stones such as flagstone and pavers, travertine and cobblestone, or even unique designs.

4. Easy Installation

The ease with which concrete can be installed in a pool is one of the most significant advantages for homeowners selecting concrete for their pool surrounds. Concrete, as opposed to interlocked pavers or stone, is a quick and uncomplicated operation. There are no complicated seems to be fitted, and the price and timeliness of the job are reflected in this simplicity.

The use of concrete will give you a higher possibility of having your pool ready to use in a shorter amount of time. Of course, not all concrete pool surrounds installations are without hiccups or problems. Splitting, misalignment, and mistakes are all possible and might cause the project to be delayed. However, you may anticipate a reasonably straightforward installation process for the most of the time.

Downsides of Honed Concrete Pool Surrounds

1. Regular Upkeep

Although concrete is a basic material to pour, it is not a “set it and forget it” option for your pool deck or patio. Regular maintenance and care of concrete pool decks is recommended in order to avoid the occurrence of problems that are common to them. Frequent coating of the concrete, as well as washing, are all part of this maintenance. Homeowners will be able to get the most out of their concrete for a longer period of time thanks to this proactive upkeep. Inadequate resealing or maintenance of the surface contributes to problems such as untimely cracking and erosion.

2. Susceptible to Erosion

It is possible that using concrete surrounding your pool will leave it exposed to the weather. Over time, this contact to air and rain can cause the material to deteriorate and erode. If you have embossed or textured concrete placed in your outdoor space, this erosion may be more noticeable than in other areas. In addition to altering the aesthetic of the hardscape, erosion can also alter the sensation of the ground beneath the feet of those walking on it.

In bare feet, those who are sprinting across an erosion-damaged pool deck may find that an otherwise smooth surface is now slick and gritty. Because of the wear and tear on the filter surrounding the larger concrete particles, greater sediment accumulates and generates a rough, uncomfortable surface.

3. Potentially Slippery

Bare, broomed, or embossed concrete are not very slippery, but stamped concrete, on the other hand, is a different story. For the appearance of other platform materials, stamped concrete is painted with a couple of colors and then coated with a silicone or enamel sealant to keep the color and texture.

This sealant has the potential to make the deck or patio a little slippery, which is definitely not a good thing when the deck or patio is near the pool. For those who prefer the look of stamped concrete but are concerned about their children or visitors tripping on the patio, textured concrete is a great alternative. Textured concrete is not sealed, and it is an ideal alternative.

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