Summer has already begun, and nothing feels better than splashing in the cold water during this hot summer days. Getting tanned in your polished concrete pool deck is also a great activity to achieve that summer skin that you have always wanted. But since the summer days are limited, is investing in a polished concrete pool deck a good idea? What if I only have a portable pool, does a polished concrete pool deck still a good option? Keep reading to know more.


Their distinctiveness is one of the finest attributes of a polished concrete. Because of that, no two polished concrete floors will ever be the same. Concrete is a genuine product made up of sand, stone (aggregate) and cement and every concrete mix is different. Compared to your basic raw concrete, a polished concrete is very different. Polishing concrete necessitates taking off the top layers to reveal the sand and/or aggregate underneath. Even though this is a very time-consuming and skilled process, it can transform an unimpressive industrial floor to give a stunning, contemporary look.


Easy to clean – the pool side is constantly exposed to water and heat which expands and eventually lead to cracks where dirt and perhaps even become home to ants and weeds. A polished concrete pool deck is seamless, so they are much better to keep clean. Even if you have uniquely shaped fiberglass pool, a seamless polished concrete pool deck around it can be created.

Low maintenance – the Australian temperatures change in an instant, but a polished concrete pool deck can withstand extremely high and extremely low temperatures as well as take the wear and tear of all types. The average concrete pool only needs to be tended with a fresh sealer every 2 years.

Personalization – your own home should reflect on the expression of your creativity and personality whether it is an area around your home or a simple grill area on pool surrounds. When you want to design your concrete pool surrounds, it is easy for you to personalize it with aggregates, colors, and stencils of your choice. If you want your deck to look rustic, we suggest that you check out exposed aggregate pool deck as an option.

Reflect bright light – since this is an outdoor space, it is exposed to the sun. Since polished concrete pool deck reflect light, the surface cools which results in a smooth, soothing, and soft under bare feet unlike other alternatives like tiles. It won hurt or scruff your feet.

Stain and scratch proof – they are durable and wont scratch, dent, or stain under normal conditions. Pool chemicals can be harsh and deteriorate weaker alternatives, and the sun won’t fade or melt it.

Affordable – It is still more affordable than any other flooring options, regardless of having a high-end appearance. The entire lifecycle cost is lower than any popular types of flooring. It is specially affordable if you already have a concrete slab, you can get professionally.

Environmentally Friendly – Since it does not require the use of hazardous chemical coatings, cleaners, and adhesive in their installation or upkeep, they are an eco-friendly option.  Floors are also energy efficient, which further add to their reputation as a “green” flooring choice.


100%! You might be second guessing on the safety because when you first look at it, it looks like it has a high risk of slipping but, it is the opposite. It provides plenty of friction to prevent accidents around the pool. The cement that will be sued will give it a coarse texture, and the range of quartzes, pebbles, and natural stones which will be added (depending on your discretion) will increase traction on the pool side.


  • The materials should be safe and will not become slippery when wet.
  • To keep the surface cooler on hot days, choose a heat-reflective material—think about bare feet!
  • Choose materials that blends well with other paved or hardscaped areas in your yard.
  • If doable, find out if the material is resistant to algae, chemicals, acid, mold and mildew, and frost.
  • A contemporary solution: for a seamless look, carry out the coping material to the surrounding deck or patio.
  • Safety fences and barriers should be considered and integrated into the pool and deck design. Check city or local laws or guidelines regarding pool barriers—most should be at least 4 feet high and be positioned between the pool and areas of access.


After you’ve placed your lovely, stamped pool deck, you might be wondering how else you might personalize your environment. Consider adding the following features to your outdoor space:

LANDSCAPING: Plants provide interest to a pool and serve as focus areas. Landscaping can also help block sound and add privacy. Trellises and climbing plants can be used to create a lovely living wall and raised containers can provide aesthetic interest.

LIVING SPACE: Make sure your pool is comfy for all of your guests because you’ll be utilizing it throughout summer (and possibly all year). Invest in a range of comfortable sitting options and provide adequate shade with umbrellas or awnings. If your space allows, consider installing a grilling or outdoor kitchen area. Also, don’t forget to decorate!

*A NOTE ON SAFETY: Safety is crucial, and it is mandated by insurance and construction laws. If you’re putting in a new pool, make sure you follow the local recommendations, which may involve installing a lockable gate, adding a pool cover, or using sensors or an alarm system.


Here at Concreter Sydney, we consider ourselves as experts on anything concrete and this include polished concrete pool deck, polished floors and many more. The years of being in business is a testimony that we have experienced and can assure you that we will not only meet your expectations but exceed them.