If you’re concerned about concrete spalling (often referred to as concrete cancer), then you’re at the right place. Read the rest of the content below to find out more about your problem and there’s a good chance you’ll find the answer you’re looking for.

What is concrete cancer?

Officially known as concrete spalling, concrete cancer is what happens when improperly sealed steel reinforced concrete starts to rust, which then causes the surrounding concrete to expand and break off.

What does it look like?

Initially it can just be unsightly, with small amounts of concrete chipping off. However, this can be the tip of the iceberg as surface level concrete cancer can often mean that there’s a deeper structural problem within. This is why it’s important to have it looked at by a professional sooner rather than later; leaving it for too long can often require serious repairs.

What causes it?

There are several common causes for concrete cancer. If the steel bars are incorrectly treated when the concrete is initially poured then that can result in problems down the track. If the steel is too close to the edge of the concrete, then water can find its way in and cause problems down the track. Finally, if the concrete is under large amounts of stress then it can fracture, allowing another way for water to seep in and cause rust. You can see from the above causes that the best way to prevent concrete cancer to begin with is to use the right contractor when you first pour.

How to treat or fix concrete cancer?

This is not a job for an amateur DIYer, this is a job to leave to the professionals. When we look at these kinds of jobs, we first look for the underlying issues that are at the root of your concrete spalling problems. Once the root cause is identified we’ll give you a good idea of what’s wrong and how we’ll go about fixing it.

In a nutshell what happens is that we remove any existing “cancer”, grind off any rust and then treat the remaining steel with anti-rust sealants. Once the root cause has been fixed we then reinstall whatever was removed in the first place.

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